[ Bath County ]

1531 Hidden Valley Road
Warm Springs, VA 24484
For information, contact the Warm Springs Ranger District: 540.839.2521
Operated by the US Forest Service
Situated in a remote area of the George Washington National Forest, Hidden Valley is rich in both history and natural beauty. With over 6.5 miles of the Jackson River and 24 miles of trails, Hidden Valley offers excellent opportunities for fishing, hiking, biking and camping. When exploring the rustic nature of Hidden Valley, visitors flock to Poor Farm, one of the most popular fishing, hunting and dispersed camping spots in the Warm Springs Ranger District. Hidden Valley is also home to the antebellum Warwickton Mansion built by Judge James Wood Warwick in 1848, which now operates as the Hidden Valley Bed and Breakfast. Warwickton Mansion, listed on the National Register of Historic Places, was also the shooting set for the 1993 post Civil War film Sommersby starring Richard Gere and Jodie Foster. Visitors can view the mansion from the river but reservations at the Hidden Valley Bed and Breakfast are required to enter the gate. For information about the Hidden Valley Bed and Breakfast, email hiddenvalleybb@tds.net.

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