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Explore two states and five counties while completing this
challenge along the scenic Rt. 39. Find caches and win a special commemorative coin (available at the Visitor Centers along the way). GPS units are available on loan at the Lexington Visitor Center. [–DOWNLOAD THE INFO SHEET–]

♠ What is GEOCACHING? 

Geocaching is a global high-tech treasure-hunt. Participants use a combination of online clues and GPS coordinates to find “caches” hidden in unique and interesting places that they might not have discovered on their own. This is a wonderful way for families to learn and explore a new area together! Currently, there are over 1 million participants and over 1 million caches hidden in over 100 countries.

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♠ What is the Appalachian Byway Geocache Challenge? 

The Appalachian Byway Geocache Challenge is a high-tech treasure hunt using GPS coordinates to locate hidden geocaches along scenic Rt. 39. The challenge spans five counties and two states, beginning in  Lexington, Virginia and ending in Summersville, West Virginia.

♠ How do I get started on the Appalachian Byway Geocache Challenge? 

1. Download a copy of the instructions, geocache coordinates and coin information by clicking here.
2. Find six of the nine caches along the route and answer the questions correctly to win the special geocache coin.
3. Bring the completed form to one of the five county visitor centers to collect the coin (locations below).
4. Follow up by logging your cache-find on Geocaching.com. You can find the post coordinates by name.

Click on the links below for more information:
Instructions & Coordinates | Interactive Route 39 Tour Map

♠ Participating Locations 

Lexington/Rockbridge County Convention & Visitors Center, VA
540.463.3777 | 877.453.9822
County of Bath Visitor CenterVA
Pocahontas County Convention & Visitors Bureau, WV
Greenbrier County Convention & Visitors Bureau, WV
800.833.2068 | fax: 304.647.3001
Summersville Convention & Visitors Bureau, WV
Coins may be picked up at any of the above locations ♠ 

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